Kum​​​​​kum Bhagy​​a is one of the longest-running shows on the Zee TV network. The popular show is on air at 9 PM every night on weekdays. The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya released on January 8, 2020. Here is a written update for the show’s latest episode where a lot of interesting events take place.

Kumkum Bhagya written update for January 8, 2020

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This episode begins with the principal talking to Prachi’s professor, asking her if Pragya has come to give an explanation for Prachi’s MMS video. The professor tells him that Prachi has not come to class and that Pragya has not talked to her either. The principal then decides that he will expel Prachi and calls Pragya. He asks Pragya to come to the college and speak to him. Pragya gets worried and wonders what happened.

While Rhea wants to avoid Prachi, Sanju advises her to go and support Prachi. He tells her that if she stays away from Prachi, people will get suspicious. He then asks her to call Ranbir to prevent any suspicion. Meanwhile, Ranbir and Prachi have a moment. He tells her that he knows she is innocent and that he will always support her. People in college are busy gossiping about Prachi’s video and Sanju gets truly annoyed. He tells Rhea that he cannot hear anything negative about his love. Rhea tells him to calm down and not make a fool out of himself.

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Meanwhile, Abhi and Vikram arrive at the college and wonder why all the students are outside. That is when Abhi bumps into Sanju. Sanju blocks his face to hide from Abhi and runs off, but Abhi catches a glimpse of him and recalls seeing someone like him before.

Abhi and Vikram meet with the principal, who tells them about the MMS video scandal. He then tells them that he has called the girl’s mother. Shahana hears a bunch of students insulting Prachi and gets enraged. She then starts arguing with them, as she cannot tolerate the fact that Prachi is being defamed. However, Prachi comes to her and asks her to stop fighting. Prachi tells Shahana that she is not like the rest of them and asks her to come with her in the cab. As soon as the two leave the college, Pragya shows up, though she does not see them. She then goes to meet the principal.

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While Abhi and Vikram are having some fun banter at the office, Pragya enters the room. However, Pragya does not notice them and is instead shocked to see Prachi’s photo on a poster. Meanwhile, Ranbir is looking for Prachi when he hears a bunch of his friends badmouthing her. Ranbir threatens them and makes them delete the fake videos from their phones.

Outside the office, Pragya is about to ask the girl about the poster, when Rhea shows up and snatches the poster from the girl. Rhea remembers Sanju’s advice and yells at the girl, pretending to care about Prachi’s reputation. Pragya asks Rhea what is going on and Rhea tells Pragya about the MMS video. Pragya is stunned and decided to call Prachi, but Prachi does not pick up.

Abhi notices Pragya and goes out to find her, but he then sees Sanju again and tries to make him stop. However, Sanju quickly runs away yet again. This time Abhi remembers that Sanju was Prachi’s friend from Hoshiarpur. Abhi then resumes his search for Pragya but is unable to find her. Finally, Prachi gets back to her house and locks herself in her room, then she starts crying incessantly.

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