What do JW, SS, TM, SMO and FFF mean on Snapchat? Social media acronyms explained!


Go back ten years and we had a set list of internet abbreviations, and everyone knew what they meant. There was LOL – laugh out loud. BRB – be right back. LMAO – laugh my ass off. ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing. And that was pretty much it. We mainly used acronyms as a way of expressing our laughter.

But now, it seems like the world is getting lazier, and can’t be bothered to type any words out in full anymore. As a result there’s a whole new world of internet abbreviations, and most people just haven’t got a clue what any of them mean.

So if you’ve been on Snapchat, or any other social media platform for that matter, and been utterly confused by the wealth of shortened down phrases then we’re here to help.

What exactly do JW, SS, TM, SMO and FFF mean?

What does JW mean? Just wondering

Just wondering.

The first abbreviation we’ve seen everyone using is JW.

What does SS mean? Screen Shot

The next one that I’m sure you’ve been very confused about is SS.

Screen Shot.

What does TM mean? Trust Me

Another slang term that everyone has been using on Snapchat and Instagram is TM.

This one means…

Trust Me.

What does SMO mean? Serious Mode On

This one has a few different meanings.

SMO could mean Shout Me Out, referencing the fact that social media users give shout outs to others to increase their publicity.

Or, it could also mean Serious Mode On.

What does FFF mean? Follow For Follow

And the final one has a few different online meanings, so you’ll have to check the context that people are saying it in.

The most common definition for FFF is Follow For Follow, an acronym that has been around for years that allows social media users to gain more followers.

But there are more. Some other options include Fuck Fake Friends and Fine Female Friday.

This content could not be loaded my younger cousin just added me on snapchat and her snaps are making me feel SO old. i have googled two acronyms today. — kathryn the just ok (@ktvrlnd) October 22, 2019

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What does S4S mean? shoutout for shoutout

The S4S acronym stands for “shoutout for shoutout.” Some users will tell you it can also stand for “share for share” or “support for support.” Regardless of its exact wording, the meaning behind it is all the same.

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