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Are you a robot?

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Brudd for Arve Tellefsen

Brudd for Arve Tellefsen ] BRUDD: Fiolinist Arve Tellefsen kom sammen med sin 23 år yngre kone Kristin Slørdahl under nyåpningen av Holmenkollen restaurant i Oslo i 2010.

J&K Wetlands Threats and Management

J&K Wetlands Threats and Management ] Dr Tina Bhat The unique climatic conditions of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir support numerous wetlands. These wetlands offer socio-economic and ecosystem services in the form of water supply, commercial fisheries, agriculture, energy resource, wildlife habitat, recreation, tourism, cultural heritage, water purification, flood control ,water supply, environment restoration etc.

Facebook v Australia: Who blinked first?

Facebook v Australia: Who blinked first? ] “I’ve come around to the view that the scale, size and influence of these platforms, particularly on our minds, our brains, and all the things that we do as citizens, as consumers, are just so powerful that leaving them in the hands of a few, very closely controlled companies like Facebook is the recipe for disaster,” he said.